Mental Health

The plethora of forms you have to fill out just to be seen by a psychiatrist is a necessary evil. The medial field has become a breeding ground of personal information gathering. All this is done to cover the doctors and counselors behinds. How did we get to this place? Why can’t a person who is hurting and in crisis just go be heard? How are they expected to answer several pages of questions when their mind is so discombobulated with pain or grief? I know the right answers. I just don’t understand them. Let’s address their brokeness, hurts, anger, etc…and then worry about paperwork.

The cost of unforgiveness

Unforgiveness comes with a high price. It binds the victim to the person who has hurt them. It also produces inner torment that can lead to sickness. People become what they focus on. It will destroy relationships, prevent healing, and cause the person to become self-destructive.

Resentment and unforgiveness gives place to the devil and allows him to build a stronghold on that ground in the believer.

Ephesians 4:27 NASB – do not give the devil an opportunity.