Neurofeedback is an evidence-based, extensively researched, interactive and enjoyable brain training technique that helps your brain re-regulate itself into a more optimally functioning state.

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Not all Neurofeedback is truly individualized. Some Neurofeedback systems have pre-programmed protocols based upon the developer’s theories about what might be helpful for people’s brains rather than an expert clinician creating completely individualized sessions based upon a high quality brain map of each individual and an understanding of the person’s unique history and set of symptoms. Other systems use a few electrodes to train a few surface brain areas to increase or decrease brainwave frequencies.

I can personally attest to the success of this therapy. I had a great deal of mental issues and difficulties in my life. I went through the neurofeedback process and noticed a remarkable difference in me. Not just me, but my family and friends as well. I was able to think more clearly and stay focused.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

I am a firm believer in this as being a hinderance to the youth succeeding in our communities. Here are a few websites for further reading:


I have experienced betrayal from a group that I thought would never leave my side. I just knew when the chips were down, they would be there to lift me up, to pray for me, to love me through it all. They did not. In fact, they left me and chose to spread lies about me. It hurt. It hurt badly. I longed for them to ask forgiveness, but they never did. They sat there and acted as if they were above reproach. I hurt over the betrayal for over a year, even talked to my therapist at the time about the pain. She gave great advice. Forgive them from your heart. It took a long time, but I was finally able to and move on. I still long for the closeness we had, but God replaced that group with some amazing friends that loved me through my darkest hours. They still hold me up in prayer. We have a reunion once a year if not twice. We still get together to celebrate each others accomplishments. I treasure them. I pray for them just as they do me.

So, yes, betrayal is painful, but God has something greater for you. The process of forgiveness over betrayal is hard and painful, but worth the journey.

The youth of Memphis

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What is one area regarding the youth of Memphis do you feel needs the most attention? Me? I feel addressing the poor school system is essential. Why? Because so many of our kids come from homes that are less than ideal. Trauma takes place inside these homes, bullying and peer pressure take place outside the home. So many parents do not teach life skills to their children, so they succumb to peer pressure and join gangs. They feel their lives are not going anywhere anyway. If we can teach the teachers how to access each student using ACEs, get volunteers to help the teachers by offering free tutoring and teaching life skills to the students, we can lower the suicide rate, lower the crime rate among our youth, and increase college entrances. I strongly feel if a student understand they are intelligent, and they are not doomed to repeat the lifestyle of the parent, we can make a huge difference in each child’s life.