My 2020 Testimony/ Corona: My Basket In The Nile River- Part 2

Part 2:

Corona is categorized in my brain as a type of circumstance I’ve come to call a Forced Sabbath.  A Forced Sabbath is a circumstance that forces you to rest for a small or prolonged amount of time when you wouldn’t otherwise, but God knows you desperately need to.  During these times there is almost always some healing that needs to be done either physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  You can be aware or unaware of this need at the time. I have had several of these circumstances over the years and have become somewhat used to them and even begun to welcome them. I have discovered it is one of the most common ways God uses to Heal me.

My 2020 Testimony/Corona: My Basket In The Nile River

My first official blog❤️  It will be divided into parts  Enjoy and see God’s GLORY through my experiences!❤️:

My 2020 Testimony /Corona: My Basket In The Nile River

Part 1: Wow!  Corona has changed a lot if not everything. Almost nothing and definitely no one hasn’t been affected by it in some way. I understand it being hard, weird, annoying and like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Most have probably thought it just completely sucked.  I’ve had many times like this in my life and know how it feels. I’m not at all underestimating those feelings. They are real and they make sense.  For myself though, Corona has helped bring many Beautiful blessings in my life.