25 Years of healing and hope

24 years after I became a Christian, God finally completed the work He had for me all along. It took 24 years to get me through all the trauma I endured. I thought I would always be unworthy, unlovable, and unwanted – especially by God. However, in that time frame, the process taught me so much about faith and trusting Him even when you cannot feel His presence. He placed people in my life to help me when I needed it. He gave me a husband who grew to be the very image of the love Jesus has for us by way of example. Neither of us truly believed I would be completely healed. We were both wrong. A year after my healing, He opened doors for me that I never thought I would ever deserve. He is the one who put Hope4Healing together. It is because of Him that we have the staff of volunteers we have. Each one has a passion to help those who cannot afford help.

Each one has their own story of healing. So, if you feel you cannot be healed, or that God is not working in your behalf, please keep your faith in Him. He does things in His time, and taking us through each storm of the process is worth it in the end. This I promise you. Today I celebrate 25 years of my Christian life. It is the only birthday that matters to me. I tried to kill myself 25 years ago today, but He stepped in. I tried many other times, but still God said no, He had a plan for my life. He has one for yours as well. 

If you feel like giving up, if you feel alone, or feeling hopeless, or if you feel things just won’t get better, please give us a call. We are here – free of charge – because we have walked in your shoes.  901-387-7504 – 24/7

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