Forgiveness from the heart

Forgiveness from the heart is not something we can do by mustering up our willpower and just choosing to do it. The success rate of this model is sorely lacking. If we try our best to forgive and yet still feel animosity, offended, or remain angry with those who have hurt us, then something is amiss. Forgiving from the heart as Jesus forgave is an outcome of genuine compassion felt toward those who have hurt us (Matt. 18:27). This occurs effortlessly when we rightfully view the person and his offense through the eyes of truth. Forgiveness from the heart is a work of God accomplished in us by Him alone in the same manner as He produces the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). This “fruit” is an effortless outcome of knowing God’s truth with the heart. Only the Spirit can persuade us of the truth in this manner. By reading “Effortless Forgiveness” you will discover how to cooperate with the Spirit as He refines your faith/belief by persuading you of His truth, and thereby, releasing you to forgive effortlessly from your heart.

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