My 2020 Tesrimony/Corona: My Basket In The Nile River Part 6

Part 6:

I was able to recuperate and did better during the first few months of quarantine. In June, things started to worsen again and I was switched to another new medication. That medication quit working completely in August and I made a final decision to sign the papers for a partial hysterectomy.  I was able to have the surgery just a couple of weeks later on September 3rd at Baptist Women’s Hospital. I couldn’t have asked God for more perfect care that day!!!  The doctors and nurses never left my side and made me feel as comfortable and ready as possible.   They made me feel comfortable enough to ask any questions I needed to and informed, reassured, and were with me every step of the way!!!!!  The recovery process was annoying, tiring, and moderately painful, but not as hard as I expected it to be. I enjoyed resting, listening to music, watching tv shows, and getting a few visits, gifts, and deliveries from friends.  


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