My 2020 Testimony/Corona: My Basket In The Nile River Part 5

Part 5:

So with that, as you can imagine, I was quite excited when the shut down began. Scared, but also excited and thankful.  I rested and enjoyed simple things like extra family time, being at home, and spending time with my PRECIOUS caregiver whose presence is such a blessing!!!!!  I was very happy to not have to push myself and use too much energy doing all the things I would’ve hated to miss out on, and the epic opportunity to still participate in things through the internet was a HUGE plus and something for which I was extremely thankful!!!!  I have been able to participate in so many life giving things this year, several of which I may have had to miss out on completely if it wasn’t for doing things “Corona Style”   Drive by birthday parties, Drive by/Driveway Baby Showers, and cyber Gender Reveals and weddings, have been Heaven sent, and in a lot of ways, I felt as if they were a gift from God just for me so that I would be able to participate as fully as possible.


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