My 2020 Testimony/ Corona: My Basket In The Nile River Part 7

The end of this first blog and this part of my Rona and Healing Testimony❤️  Hope you have been encouraged and pointed to Jesus and His LOVE and Healing❤️

Corona has literally been my basket in the Nile River!!!  It has helped provide a safe, comfortable, place for me to heal, rest, and recuperate from this health condition, the events of late 2018-2019, and even wounds from years before that. It has been like God’s rehab hospital for me to help continue to rebuild my faith in Him and make sure that the delicate trust that was already there after so much brokenness wasn’t torn down, but continued to be built on and strengthened. The touch of love from a few friends and ESPECIALLY the care and touch of Jesus and His LOVE that I have received from my Angel caregiver, has been like the medication in my IV bag, nurturing my heart and replenishing it with LOVE and Tenderness it DESPERATELY needs. My caregiver has been like my main nurse, watching carefully over me, treating me with Tenderness, and pouring large amounts of God’s LOVE into my heart repeatedly.  She has watched over my basket making sure I was safe and has nurtured me with God’s LOVE as Moses’ mother nursed him with milk, providing a safe, comfortable place for him to grow, pouring in all that he needed to grow healthy and strong, replenishing what he had lost while he was alone, stranded in the Nile, letting him feel and know he was  LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!  Both by God and those around him!!!!!  She has done exactly that for me and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!!!!  I like to say that God has a Heart Infirmary. Unfortunately, I have been there way more than I prefer. I have been there so often, there is a bed there with my name on it. I know where to go and am quite familiar with it   This latest time has been my longest stay there and never have I received as much nourishment there as I have this time. I feel more nourished and LOVED than ever before. Am I still healing? Yes. Do I still need to receive nourishment from Him and others He uses on a continual basis?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  Will this be my last time in His Heart Infirmary?  Sadly No. As of now though, I am nourished more than I’ve ever been before and I know more than I ever did before how desperately and continuously I need that nourishment both from Him and others He uses. I am not the same as I was before. My life isn’t the same as it was before.  Prayerfully  my heart and life will not go back to the way they were before, but continue to be stronger in general, and to always seek out, have, and receive the nourishment I need to thrive!!!!!!!!!!❤️

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