Neurofeedback is an evidence-based, extensively researched, interactive and enjoyable brain training technique that helps your brain re-regulate itself into a more optimally functioning state.

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Not all Neurofeedback is truly individualized. Some Neurofeedback systems have pre-programmed protocols based upon the developer’s theories about what might be helpful for people’s brains rather than an expert clinician creating completely individualized sessions based upon a high quality brain map of each individual and an understanding of the person’s unique history and set of symptoms. Other systems use a few electrodes to train a few surface brain areas to increase or decrease brainwave frequencies.

I can personally attest to the success of this therapy. I had a great deal of mental issues and difficulties in my life. I went through the neurofeedback process and noticed a remarkable difference in me. Not just me, but my family and friends as well. I was able to think more clearly and stay focused.

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