When you feel passionate about something, you don’t mind doing it day after day. I know this feeling well. I have a passion to help those who cannot afford counseling or tutoring. So many are living in poverty and NEED someone to help them navigate through their difficulties, but lose hope when everyone charges crazy prices. I remember struggling with school and no one to help me. I struggled through extreme trauma, there was no one there to help me either that did not charge money I did not have.

In order to shorten this section, I will skip to the end of the story. As I was about to drive my truck off a cliff and into the Mississippi River, a now dear friend called me, gave me hope, counseled me without cost, and I am here today a healed person because someone cared enough to help me from their heart. Not to mention it was God who set this whole encounter up.

So, our passion at Hope4Healing is to serve those who cannot afford to pay for life coaching skills and tutoring.

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